Professional Ice Melter® - 50 lb. Bag


  • Melts more than 3 times than regular ice melters, faster and at lower temperatures! Resists re-freezing. Dust free for clean application. Safer to plants.
  • Contains Tech-Grade granules
  • Melts to -12 degrees F
  • No oily residue on carpets
50 lb. Bag, ea
Manufacturers Item #2063400
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  • Formulated with "Tech-Grade" granules. Unlike other rock salt-based products, Professional Ice Melter[R] is formulated with improved granule sizing for maximum contact with target areas. The flat surface of the granule provides ideal boring action and is less apt to roll off sidewalks and pavement.
  • Low toxicity. Gentle on skin and leather and does not require special handling considerations.
  • Safer to vegetation. While rock salt is deadly to shrubs and grass, Professional Ice Melter[R] works great on ice and snow and won't harm vegetation when used as directed.
  • Extra tough packaging. Poly bags are industrial strength 5mm quality with anti-slip construction. Boxes are reinforced to withstand stacking.
  • Concrete friendly. Specially formulated so it will not chemically attack concrete.
  • Less corrosive. Special ingredients have been added to reduce corrosion to metal, electrical outlets and automobiles.
  • Free flowing. Some de-icers can turn rock hard inside their containers resulting in wasted material. Professional Ice Melter[R] is formulated with organic anti-caking agents for prolonged storage with minimum clumping.
  • Carpet safe. Many ice melters get tracked indoors and leave a "greasy" wet film on hard surfaces - worse yet, some can damage indoor flooring and carpeting. Professional Ice Melter[R] leaves no greasy residue and is easily cleaned from flooring.